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Violent Crimes

Law Offices of Neal I. Sanders: 

Neal Sanders has 30 years experience representing people accused of crimes involving violence, domestic abuse, kidnapping, aggravated assault, battery, weapons, gang-related allegations, home invasion robbery, rape, sex offenses, child molestation, armed robbery, mayhem, firearms, attempted murder and murder in Humboldt County.

No matter how bad or embarrassing the accusations are against you, we pledge to treat you with dignity and respect. We will not judge you. We will work vigorously to get you the best possible outcome.

No matter what you are accused of or the extent of your involvement, you deserve the chance to defend yourself from undue harsh punishments, false accusations, exaggerations, intimidation and profiling, racial or otherwise. You deserve representation by an experienced trial attorney with a reputation for challenging the district attorney and, when necessary, the judge. You deserve to be represented by an attorney that's not afraid to go to trial or file an appeal with a higher court.

If you have a legal issue involving violence please feel free to contact Neal Sanders' experienced staff for a confidential appointment and a fee estimate.

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